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Opsahl in America

In the course of researching genealogy there are no shortages of mysteries to ascertain. One of those mysteries still outstanding is that behind a young girl named Annie Opsahl who came to America in 1915. Settling in Northfield she took a job as a housekeeper before she met Per Algot (later Algot Pearson) who she would marry.

She is one of the cases of an immigrant who appears to have come without her family. In fact researching girls her age with a similar name it would appear that Annie was an orphan. At a young age a girl matching her name and age was living with a family west of Oslo (then Christiania) as a “house servant”. Later in her 20s she can be found east of Oslo working as a house keeper and her religion is listed as “Salvation Army”. This is a unique situation which has not been explained by experienced genealogists from Norway.

Whatever the case this young woman would go on to help create a new name for their family in America.

UPDATE, 2023: Annie was finally identified as Anna Gurine Olsen, born July 29th, 1887 in Delbekk, Opsal, Nes, Akershus, Norway. She was the daughter of Sigvart Olsen of Opsaldelbekk and Elen Indiane Halvorsdatter of Skogen.