New middle ages link

There is one relation in the tree that has been suspicious to me for some time. Doing some additional research on the newly discovered Harris family line I found two things. First, I found a lot of bad genealogical research and redacted a number of records on the internet due to insufficient supporting information. (This information seems to have come from a rush to attach the line to old English royalty.)

However I did find another branch that seems to have been ignored which did connect that family to King Henry III’s brother Richard. This is a much better link to the genealogy of Charlamagne which is also recorded in the tree so I have eliminated the previous spurious link until I can find more supporting evidence there. Hopefully this record will help future Harris family researchers avoid the errors of others.

Note: For record’s sake, the error is in attributing Joan Percy m. Sir Arthur Harris to be the daughter of Sir Thomas Percy. Arthur Harris was born around 1466 while Thomas Percy was born in 1504. Therefore Joan Percy would be more likely to be two generations¬†before Thomas. While she is likely a member of the same Percy family, the link as documented is incorrect.

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