Achiulf King of the Ostrogoths

Lets take a moment to discuss the farthest reaching relative in any of the trees posted here. That is Achiulf. Now first, this research is not our own. It comes from a worldbook encyclopedia of research on a tree at which was shared. This connection is through Charlemagne and the link to Charlemagne is well documented. However does that mean we should call ourselves descendents of the Ostrogoths? Well sure, if you want your friends to look at you sideways.

In the end the ancient records on this site are more for informational purposes to show how diverse human progress has been and how our lives were shaped by it. You cannot get to know Achiulf. Not a lot is even written about the Amali dynasty on Wikipedia. However it is an interesting dive into history none the less. Take it for what it is. A curiosity and a reason to see the whole world as tied together in an amazing organic way.

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