Bistodeau Babies

If there was a family which took the phrase “go forth and multiply” seriously it was the Bistodeau’s. In fact there are hundreds documented in the family tree. At a recent reunion for a small part of the family, the sign posted only had a letter “B” because they didn’t want to put out the call to the hundreds of people who might just happen by.

If you are a Bistodeau from Albertville, MN or related to one, you very likely descent of Louis Oliver Bistodeau who immigrated from Canada. Louis had 13 children. His children went on to have double digit families. There are in essense innumerable numbers of Bistodeaus out there and amongst the many families launched from them.

Much is known about Louis. He was a doctor and he obviously liked delivering babies. (Or making them. This topic is not currently under great speculation.) Either way, he was successful in the process. Pictures of Louis are posted and of much of the family. Click here for a direct link.

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